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Limited edition prints, reproductions, booklets and special offers.


24 page booklet jam packed with a selection of my artwork. 6" x 8"



MY NEW CD.  A full spectrum of my favorite styles of roots music with impulsive lyrics on eight original songs. Impressions, atmosphere and co-writes from my times in south Georgia. 

Recorded in Waycross, Georgia and at my home studio at Isolation Acres. 

Get it now. $20.oo inc p & p.

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LUXURY LINER. Gram Parsons' song written during the last period of the International Submarine Band, 1967. A classic!   11" x 13" 

print is in stock.            $50

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BRAND NEW! Still almost Hot off the press!
My NEW Booklet

A quick look at country music, country rock, rhinestones, music biz bullshit and the twang that has run through decades - with essays and art.


28 pages of insights, art and revelations about the music that has evolved through many styles, stage clothes and interpretations.

6" x 8", full color. $20

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The International Submarine Band ('65-'67) Considered to be one of the first country rock groups . Struggled in the '60's, 'cult' status by the '90's.

11" x 13"  PRINT,  in stock.           $50

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The LOUVIN BROTHERS. Yep, Charlie and Ira. The music biz had a bit of trouble trying to make

them a mainstream act. During my time in Int'nl Sub Band in the '60's, we were listening to them. Now Hollywood is doing a Louvin Bros movie. I gave Charlie Louvin one of these prints when we both played at a festival in Waycross, Georgia. He said, "Whale, look-a that! I'm gonna put this in the Louvin Brothers museum."


    12" x 14" printed on acid-free           paper, with color-fast inks.


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Don't believe all the fake news! THIS is what made America great. Trouble is, no one (in the US) wants a $65 guitar anymore and the era of big V-8's, Studebakers, tailfins and cheap gas is over the hill.... But at least you can dream.

Get one of these and meditate on that 

Golden Hawk and Danelectro Bass.


         11" x 16"    $50 

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A late '60's Gram Parsons song from the Gilded Palace of Sin lp. 

Apocalyptic dystopia has been waiting around the corner for a long time, particularly in California. You can't hide in your sky-scraper condo, behind a gold-plated door, from earthquakes, economic turbulence or climate change.

Now available as a print.

signed by the artist (me),

At an affordable price.

      11" x 13"            $50

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