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Pen, ink, brush, idea..Blast off!

Thought- to- paper, quickly. 


One of my many images of old 45s. I can hold them and feel the '50s travelling up my arm.

8" x 11". Ink & water color on paper. $95


These are all one-off, unique works, not multiples or reproductions. So, no Paypal buttons but they can be purchased thru my Paypal account. 

Check my 'Info' page for details.

Kool Out, with one of my 'Beatnik era' Cartoons. With jazz musicians, '50s cars and icons as well as great advice about life style.

Ink and w/color wash on paper 

8" x 11"       $95

THIS ONE IS SOLD but I have similar with  Chet Baker

Worried about oblivion, currency devaluation, politicians and the pace of life?

Let's crank it up and dance!  (Minnie & Skeleton) 

                                   18" x 20"   Oil, acrylic on paper.      $185


Yeah! Crazy, man. Take a ride, get in the groove in a Beatnik Cab. The driver knows how to get really gone.

Ink,acrylic on paper

11" x 15"    $135

The new US currency?

Who knows? Better spend it now.

Water color on paper.

5" x 12"  $85.oo 


A couple of royal princes. 

Ink, acrylic on paper.  8" x 10" 

$90.oo + 5 pp    SOLD

From my series of '50's cars and the GREAT music that used to blast out from local am radio stations. I was lucky to have been there.

 Ink, acrylic on paper.    11" x 13"


Cadillac, Cadillac, Cadillac!!! 

1950's Caddys, you just can't 

beat them.

Ink, acrylic on paper. 11" x 14"



Blow man Blow! Sax Section. Ink -on- paper 

8" x 11"    $50



Movin' and Groovin' to a booming

old jukebox.

Ink on paper.  9" x 11"     $55.o

These are examples of the many 'cartoons' that I have done.

I will be adding more in the future.

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