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My buddy and band mate. Gram and I were friends and band mates in the 1960's- from '65,

in Cambridge, Mass, to '67 in L.A. in

The International Submarine Band. We did a  lot of gigs, tours, recordings and travelling.

We shared a sense of humor, acid trips, laughter,  pondering the universe and watching old black-and-white movies. We remained friends up to the time of his death.

The International

Submarine Band.

With Gram Parsons

and ian Dunlop.

This is available as

a print. go to Prints

page for details.


Gram was a prolific songwriter from his teen

age years up until his death. The ISB recorded

several of his songs and more were recorded and released during his

Flying Burrito Brothers period. He also had a hand in writing a couple of Rolling Stones songs. His best work was on his two solo albums, the last of which was released posthumously. 

This image of Gram refers to his song Kiss the Children- 'Well it's said my life's been free and easy but I'll tell you now the story isn't so.'

I have a couple of limited edition, numbered and signed prints in stock, on acid-free

paper with color-fast inks.

       12" x 14"             $80.oo +  pp

          HANK & GRAM

Two pioneers of country music.

Hank Williams, Gram Parsons.

Both of them pushed the boundaries of music yet were battling with

emotional turmoil, relationships and alcohol and pills. 'No mater how hard I try, I'll never get out of this world alive.'

I have a couple of limited edition, numbered and signed, prints of this work on acid-free paper with color-fast inks.


14" x 18"            $90.00 +  pp 

Hank & GP.jpg
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